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Dentistry and dental implants in Stuttgart

Dental treatment in Stuttgart – Germany – Implant solutions and affordable dentists.


You are living in Germany and need a dental treatment. Sometimes it´s a real problem to find somebody you can rely on.

We can highly recommend Bela Barner in the Koenigsstrasse 20 in Stuttgart. She has a long experience in dental implant surgery and is well know for anxiety treatment for patients, who have a dental phobia / dental fear.  Latest technologies, German precision and a charming practice with well educated employers make the differerence to many other dentists and dental clinics, not only in Germany. Okay, her English is not perfect, but this is definately not, what the customers expect. A long lasting root channel treatment or a well done bone grafting or sinus lift is much more important. If you just have a tooth ache or pain, she will find the reason and a painless solution.

Even metal free solutions with CAD/CAM technology, like Zirkonium or Alumina are not a secret for her and her colleagues and fellow workers. For many english speaking customers it will be a surprise to realize, that dentistry 2009 is a big difference to the dental clinic at home. Stuttgart has many American guests with the air-base and troops  and most of them are happy with a closer and reliable touch to German specialists in case of a tooth or health problem.

Anyway, if you have problems with your teeth,  need a dental treatment or would like to go for a tooth-whitening ( Bleaching ) in Stuttgard, here is her address and phone-number.

She even as the first “ Medlin“ Star for more than 200 recommendations of her customers. It´s a pity, that this site is in German only:, but perhaps you have a friend from Germany, who will translate it for you.

For an English speaking dental guide just call 0451 7907041 in Luebeck / northern Germany, send a mail to or have a closer look during a first appointment in Stuttgart.

Bela Barnere – Dentist – Implant specialist / Mini-Implants

mit einer schlecht sitzenden und wackeligen Vollprothese bietet die Praxis kleine Mini-Implantate für festen Prothesensitz. Lassen Sie sich informieren.

Béla Barner +

Béla Barner

Königsstraße 16
70173 Stuttgart

Tel.: 0711 7223340
 Bela Barner Zahnärztin Stuttgart
Béla Barner Implantate Stuttgart
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